Why Check Your Sump Pump Now?

If you have finished basements or commercial properties, please check that sump pumps are working and have battery backup if possible. With storms and thawing, floods may occur and sump pumps tend to fail. If a loss occurs call Loss Adjustment Inc. to help with your insurance loss.

Also , keep trees near your home and business cut so they don’t fall on your buildings with heavy ice.
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What can I do about frozen pipes

Water damage from frozen pipe that burst

Water damage from frozen pipe that burst is messy and expensive

The best way to deal with frozen pipes is to prevent it in the first place and you will avoid a water damage and one big expensive mess. The American Red Cross has a good article on preventing frozen pipe – click here.

If You Already Have A Frozen Pipe Issue – contact me first and I can help you handle the problem and get the most for your claim.

  1. We get your property secured and stabilized by a reliable contractor
  2. Catalog all losses
  3. Prepare documents
  4. Negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company
  5. Arrange Contractors to repair your loses and get your life back to normal

After all the insurance company has a professional adjuster looking out for them … Shouldn’t you have a professional looking out for you?

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